Agile Implementation

Unlocking Success with DeNOVO’s Agile Implementation Roadmap

Agile Implementation is an approach to project management that emphasizes incremental progress and prioritizes collaboration to deliver value with greater efficiency. DeNOVO enhances Agile Implementation by integrating the training of best practices and methodologies with tool implementation, encouraging the adoption of new principles and behaviors. Our engineers combine their extensive experience managing large government programs and systems engineering with Agile practices. This fusion allows us to provide a customized Agile implementation and maturation plan that aligns with your specific program objectives and customer requirements.

The DeNOVO Agile Strategy

The following services are offered through DeNOVO’s agile implementation solution and follow trusted strategies and methodologies for successful uses within your business or organization.

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SAFe® Certification and Coaching: DeNOVO offers targeted instruction and classes designed to help organizations obtain their Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) certifications. To ensure you maximize the value of your certification and become a genuine expert in Agile Implementation, we also provide specialized SAFe coaching. This is conducted by our in-house, certified SAFe® Program Consultants (SPC), ensuring a comprehensive and expert-guided approach to your Agile journey.


Agile Optimization: DeNOVO utilizes Agile Best Practices to pinpoint and alleviate bottlenecks, as well as identify areas for improvement within your organization. Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all strategy is rarely effective, we customize our solutions to meet the unique needs and objectives of your specific program.

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Agile Strategy Development: At DeNOVO, we go beyond simply introducing Agile Implementation. We assist you in crafting a comprehensive strategy that enables your organization to transition to Agile methodologies while still fulfilling existing commitments and objectives.


Agile Team Excellence: We assist in the development and maintenance of high-performing Agile teams by implementing scaled Agile management techniques tailored for individual teams, programs, and broader organizational needs.
Agile Training and Coaching: Through specialized training sessions and team-building workshops, we offer personalized coaching to individual team members. Our approach is designed to foster a collaborative and supportive team culture, optimizing your Agile practices for maximum effectiveness.


DeNOVO specializes in engineering solutions that integrate Agile metrics with financial performance indicators. This produces comprehensive analyses that align with government Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) requirements for Earned Value reporting.


Utilizing Agile Implementation strategy, we’ll measure your organizational performance, progress, and goal alignment, and develop visualizations to aggregate data across the system for rapid analysis and identification of improvements.


  • Scaled Agile Bronze Transformation Partner
  • TS/SCI and Secret cleared Certified SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs)
  • TS/SCI and Secret cleared Certified SAFe® Scrum Masters (SSMs)
  • TS/SCI and Secret cleared SAFe® Scaled Agilists

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