Mission Driven Innovation

DeNOVO provides comprehensive systems engineering services, intelligence analysis, and software development services resulting in tailored and efficient solutions for your intelligence needs. Servicing the Defense and Intelligence communities. 

Our Core Competencies: What We Do Best for Your Mission

At DeNOVO Solutions, we deliver agile engineering solutions and intelligence analysis to support diverse customers within the DoD, Intelligence, and Military Services. We’ve dedicated our entire mission to this cause, with over 10+ continuous years of support for the IC, including NSA, NRO, NGA, and other DOD/IC agencies. Our strategic services significantly improve the value and capabilities in the defense of our Nation and its Allies.

Our trusted professionals work in partnership with all agencies to deliver mission success. It is through their dedication and hard work that we’ve been able to develop such strong and personal relationships with our clients. From software development services to agile engineering and intelligence analysis — our members never stop working for you and your mission.

Signals Technology

We have highly skilled Intelligence Analysis Support Specialists who work with our clients in the DoD/IC communities to identify, evaluate, and report signals intelligence (SIGINT) to our nation’s policy-makers and military forces. In this way, we are dedicated to our Nation’s national security.

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Cyber Technology

We’ll work with you to analyze and understand the hardware, software, services, and connections within your network. We have experience in many different sectors including Cyber Governance, Cyber Data Protection, Cyber Monitoring, and Cyber Incident Response and Documentation.

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Software & Database Engineering

Our software engineers are versed in modern methodologies and techniques, with backgrounds in varying operating systems and languages. Through our software development services and engineering services, they’ll work to deliver exceptional capabilities, propelling the ability to meet the mission needs of our customers.

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System Engineering

We support all phases of the system engineering lifecycle through our DeNOVO engineering services, from requirements development to deployment of standalone systems up to integrated enterprise system-of-systems solutions.

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System Administration

We have expertise supporting all major Operating Systems with experience installing and maintaining a wide array of storage technologies. Utilizing GPFS, ZFS, SAMFS and QFS. Proven experience on IBM Blade centers, P series and X series servers, DS5100, 3400 and 3500 series arrays, Brocade and Cisco Fiber Channel Storage Switches, StorageTEK tape libraries utilizing T1000 and LT series tape drives, and Sun D280 and 7120 Appliance storage.


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Hardware & IT Infrastructure

DeNOVO Solutions has experienced Information Technology professionals with 10+ years’ experience supporting multiple customers deployed in five states and two countries. Our team is fully cleared and DOD  Directive 8570 certified to provide full-service support to include install and Tier 1-3 support across a wide array of hardware 24/7/365.

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Integration & Test

Extensive experience testing in virtual environment, to include; Test Planning and Procedure Development, Requirement Derivation and Sell off, Performance and Stress testing, Stability testing, Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation, External Interface Evaluation, and formal DT&E I through III tests.

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Agile Implementation

Experienced Agilists delivering tailored agile implementation and maturation plans to enable your program to effectively and efficiently meet your customer’s needs. This includes detailed knowledge of agile tools, enabling optimization of workflows to provide automated detailed execution status.

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Agile Engineering

With seasoned Agilists on board, we provide bespoke agile strategies tailored to ensure your program adeptly meets your customer’s demands. Dive deep into agile tools and optimize workflows for automated, detailed execution insights. Let’s empower your processes together.

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Managed & Analysis Services

We have the expertise to support all major operating systems and maintain a wide array of storage technologies. Our testing and systems engineering will ensure your system infrastructure is in good standing and meets all specifications.

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Software Development

Our software engineers are versed in modern methodologies and techniques, with backgrounds in varying operating systems and languages to deliver exceptional capabilities. Our information technology professionals are equipped with years of experience to ensure your infrastructure is sound and operable.

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Other Services

Aside from our main three service categories we have several other service offerings such as cyber technology solutions in various sectors and a highly skilled Intelligence Analysis Support Specialist to support identifying, evaluating, and reporting SIGINT data.

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(De)velop New Skills at DeNOVO

Come work with us! Our professional team of dedicated individuals is integral to the work we do for the Defense and Intelligence Community. We are committed to the well-being and growth of our members in this industry and want to see you be successful.

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