Atlassian Solutions & Support

We are a proven leader in the Intelligence and Defense Communities providing tailored Atlassian Solutions to meet Government, corporate and program specific needs. This is achieved through analytics driven by data from your Enterprise to demonstrate current and future opportunities.

Technical Stack

The Tech layers underlying each Jira and Confluence instance build on one another to provide a flexible, scalable, agile development tool suite. Each layer needs to be designed with your use case in mind to optimize outcomes and propel your team to focus on what matters, Your Business Needs.


We deliver a team first approach maximizing the outcomes at the team level such that organizational outcomes are achieved.


We architect your instance to align with the long-term vision for your organization and define a scalable approach that works with the growth of your organization.


We design, develop, and integrate your Atlassian services onto a platform that provides secure, scalable, available, and adaptable services to meet the requirements of your organization.

Detailed Services


Purchase and manage Atlassian product and plugin licenses.

Provide advice on the best license options for customer needs, manage the renewal process, and ensure compliance with Atlassian’s licensing policies.


Customize Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, and Confluence product implementations.

Develop custom workflows, custom fields, and custom reports and dashboards.

Manage Atlassian Data Center installs (including patch management and version upgrades).

Provide security compliance for Department of Defense/Intelligence Community systems.


Integrate Atlassian products with other tools and systems.

Develop custom integrations and manage existing integrations to streamline implementations.

Provide custom plugin development.


Migrate existing data and configurations from other tools to Jira and Confluence Cloud and/or Data Center instances.

Develop migration plans, perform migrations, and ensure the migrated data is accurate and usable.


Provide training on Atlassian products.

Deliver basic to advanced instruction on using the products and best practices.


Provide ongoing support services to ensure that Atlassian products are functioning properly.

Provide technical support, troubleshooting, and product patching.

What We Do Best For Your Mission