Resolve security issues for architectures, firewalls, electronic data traffic, and network access review, consolidation, and implementation. Our expertise includes:

  • Network Security & Analysis Information System (IS)
  • Development, Information Assurance (IA)
  • Database Development and Warehouse
  • Cyber Governance
  • Cyber Data Protection
  • Cyber Monitoring
  • Cyber Incident Response and Documentation
  • ISSO/ISSE know how
  • Patch Management (IAVA Compliance)
  • Investigate Information System Security Incidents or Computer Security Incident Reports
  • POA&M development
  • Security Testing and Remediation
  • Update System Security Plans
  • Vulnerability Management

Instructional Design:  Course Development & material development

  • Production (E-Print) & Training plans
  • Platform instruction, Synchronous and Asynchronous learning
  • Other training support (OJT, refresher), E-Class and E-Campus instruction